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This was a book with a great story and science added in. The romance was fun and the characters were all likable...--V. Winfield

Quantum Cop is one of the most delightful stories I've had the pleasure of reading. Delightful, because it's enjoyable, entertaining, and as well, thought-provoking. In addition to being a fast, pleasurable, read, Quantum Cop stretched my mind and my imagination from the very first page. ... All told, I highly recommend this great read. --Mallory Heart Recommends

This is a very easy read. The characters were fully developed and interacted brilliantly. It is fast paced with plenty of action and some romance thrown in...
--Neil Clarke

The Quantum Cop certainly had an interesting plot involving quantum physics which is exactly what I was hoping for ...it had some fun things going on and I ended up enjoying the rest of the book...
--Carrie Glover

There aren't a lot of fictional books out there that have female protagonists belonging to STEM fields. So, reading a story about Madison, a physics professor, felt enjoyably different to me. ... The pace of the book is fast. It is fun to tag along with Madison as she tries to stop her student from potentially destroying reality itself. ... Madison as a character is quite likable. .. The Quantum Cop demonstrates how an interesting female character, with some powerful knowledge of physics, can make for a very enjoyable story.

                     quantum cop

         The Quantum Cop

The Quantum Cop Series: Book 1.

When physics professor Madison Martin is smashed by a car, her quantum expertise and survival instinct combine to cause a paradigm shift enabling her to rewrite reality and save her life. She's freaked about what happened but, luckily, the hot physicist from the office next door volunteers to help her do experiments to decipher what the hell just happened. And as their chemistry sizzles she's ready for some experiments of a more biological nature.

Unbeknownst to Madison her smartest student, Luke Bacalli, witnesses the bizarro accident and learns how to control reality, too. Luke and his buddies go on a quantum crime spree starting with never-ending beer, sorority girls losing their shirts, and progressing to bank robbery and worse.

Having inadvertently created this menace, it's Madison's responsibility to stop it. She steps up and kicks ass, becoming the world's first quantum cop. Unfortunately, when she confronts Luke, he's much more powerful than she expects. Everything seems lost during their final quantum battle when the nature of reality is endangered as fundamental forces like electromagnetism and gravity start changing. Can Madison overcome the odds, thwart her evil student and save reality itself?


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